A Guide To A Successful Amazon Giveaway

A successful approach to Amazon giveaways, here are some steps that work (I'm going to use a single SKU as an example):

1. First giveaway - make it fairly small, but with a huge discount (preferably free) EG: 10 units for free.
2. Follow up 3 days later with another post of the same ASIN, this time another small free giveaway like #1
3. 3 days after the second giveaway, do one more steep discounted giveaway (EG 80% off 15 units). (Suggest You Add The Email Add On To Your Deal)
4. Wait another 4 or 5 days and do another giveaway at a reasonable rate, but with a large quantity (EG: 30 Units at 50% off). Hopefully 50% is at least enough to break even. (Suggest You Add The Email + Featured Add On To Your Deal)

This should give you a serious boost on rank, reviews, and sales of that SKU. A lot of sellers will continue to do 50% off deals every week or two as "maintenance".

While the giveaway's are going, the SKU's should have aggressive CPC campaigns to back them up.

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