How To Get The Most Out Of AmzRC, Recent Amazon Policy Changes, And Awesome New Features

Tips On Rocking AmzRC:

  • Post different items throughout the week - Try not to post the same product over and over again. Try to post a new item every few days. If you only have a few items, then rotate them.
  • Post unique content - Don't just copy and paste from your Amazon listing, try to post unique content. This will boost your listing's Google "Juice" and get you lots of free traffic even after your deal has expired.
  • Use one time use codes - One time use codes will keep your deal under control, and help you manage how many deals are offered. This is also a lot safer option with Amazon's recent policy changes (we'll take more about this below).
  • Share your AmzRC deal on all your social media channels - Your friends will usually leave the best reviews. Also your current customers are your best customers, so why not reward them with an awesome discount?

Recent Amazon Terms Of Service Changes And Our Take On It:

As Amazon seller's ourselves, we take this kind of stuff extremely seriously. Our service was built from the ground up to be compliant. As we knew some of these changes we're in the works, we never included "questionable" features in our service like some of the other guys. We're here to do 2 things... get Amazon customers great deals, and get Seller's honest reviews. We don't use super URL's, we don't try to game the system by telling you to use tons of discounts in a short period of time. We don't require 4 or 5 star reviews, and we don't force users to leave reviews. I know some sellers want guaranteed reviews, but we want to keep your seller account safe. Our point system was created to encourage reviews, but not force them.

What's New At AmzRC And Why We Will Continue To Rock!

In the next few weeks we're rolling out some awesome new features. Some of these features are meant to get you awesome reviews, and some are meant to keep you in compliance.

  • "Drip" Release Coupon Codes - Specify how many coupon codes to release per day. EG: My deal is active for 10 days, I have 20 one time use codes so release 2 codes per day the deal is active. This will help keep you compliant with Amazon's new policy, and help you get great reviews.
  • AmzRC Buyer Points - We're rolling out a point system for Amazon Review Club. Points to share your deal to social media, points when a user leaves a review, points to view your deal, and much more. This will drive huge traffic to your deals, and products!

We know we're the best deal in town when it comes to features and pricing for Amazon review sites, but we also want to be the most complaint! That may be the reason we've seen such astronomical growth over the last few weeks. If you're one of the lucky ones who got a free account, we ask that in return you share our service in your Facebook seller groups, and on other social networks. The more we grow the more great features we will send your way!

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