Changes Are Coming To Amazon Review Club

We're really excited to announce some awesome changes happening at AmzRC! We've added a slew a new features for both sellers and reviewers. Here's a quick guide to how to navigate them.


  1. Please make sure your Amazon profile URL is updated and entered EXACTLY as the example on the member page.
  2. Reviews are now pulled directly from Amazon. There is no need to enter reviews on our site anymore.
  3. Moving forward, you will need to review previous items, before being able to claim new ones.  Currently, you can have 10 deals "checked out". When leaving a review, you open a slot in that number. EG: You currently have 5 items that have claimed codes. You review one of those items on Amazon, now you have 4 items "checked out". This is to ensure that are reviewers are holding up their end of the bargain.
  4. You will now (or sometime later today), have the ability to report codes as invalid. If the code is reported invalid, the seller will check to see if that is the case and approve or deny the request. If the request is denied, you will be able to appeal that with us.
  5. Don't claim something you are not going to buy. If you do, you will start losing deal slots to claim future deals.

We're working on giant list of other improvements for reviewers like filtering deals, and a new design. Have a feature request? Please let us know on our facebook page.


  1. All reviewers will now have to leave reviews in order to claim new deals.
  2. You can now see the codes claimed in your deal dashboard
  3. The deal dashboard will also show you the username of the reviewer (for accountability)
  4. The review system is now completely automated. We will check amazon for reviews, and give you a report on your deal dashboard
  5. You can now see reviews left, and click the link to see the review on Amazon

This is just the beginning! We're working hard to roll out features in the next few weeks, including a new easier deal submission process, the ability to "drip" codes out over a set amount of days, a new design, and so much more! Have a suggestion or feature request? Please let us know.

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