How To Make A Fortune Out Of Stale Inventory

Amazon recently introduced a plan to dispose of excess inventory for free until April 30th. As per the Seller Central Website:

Free removal of your FBA inventory until April 30, 2016
Apr 4, 2016

This promotion ends April 30, 2016, after which time normal removal-order fees will apply.

If you remove units as part of this promotion for which you paid a Long-Term Storage Fee in February 2016, we will reimburse 66% of the fee that you paid per cubic foot for those units.

Learn more about this promotion.

How will this work?
You can create a removal order from the Manage Inventory page in Seller Central.

If you filed a removal order for stranded or unfulfillable inventory on or after February 29, 2016, you will be reimbursed for these removal-order fees.

If you file a removal order for sellable inventory on or before April 30, 2016, to dispose of this inventory or have it returned to you, you will be unable to send in additional units of these ASINs until October 1, 2016. If your inventory level falls below the number of units you have sold of this ASIN in the previous four weeks, you can send this ASIN to Amazon.

How can I check my inventory levels?
To view your current inventory age, download the Inventory Age report in the Fulfillment Reports section of Seller Central. If you have a Professional selling account, you can view the FBA Inventory Age page on your Inventory Dashboard (sign-in required).

You can check your February Long-Term Storage Fee charges in the Long-Term Storage Fee Charges report in Seller Central (sign-in required).

While this is a good opportunity to get rid of inventory on the cheap, there are much better options. Here are some creative ways to make a fortune off of your old inventory that's not selling.

  1. Offer your items for free or with a large discount on AmzRC. (This will boost the BSR of the item, and get you reviews). This can turn your looser product into a winner.
  2. Sell in bulk lots on ebay - Making pennies on the dollar is better then nothing.
  3. Drop the price to break even. (if you haven't already done so).
  4. Offer your items in bulk on Amazon Seller Facebook groups like: Sellers Helping Sellers, Wholesale Lots, The Amazing Seller,
  5. Arrange a donation to your local school district, church, etc. You can send it to them directly from FBA. You can then take a large tax write off.
  6. Optimize the listing with SEO, and start or tweak a CPC campaign. You can check out these two facebook groups for great resources: Amazon PPC and Amazon SEO


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