Why Sellers Need To Try AmzRC

Wow! It's been an amazing few weeks! We went from 1,000 members to over 14,00 users in a flash.

First, let's start with the backstory. As a very successful Amazon seller, I've always felt the urge to give back, and lately I've been helping a lot of sellers free of change. Most of it has to do with fixing listings, and boosting product visibility. As a seller and consultant, I'm very aware of the tools available for Amazon sellers, and how most of them are trying to rip off new sellers (and some experienced ones too) who don't know any better. This was the driving force in creating AmzRC!

As a seller, and consultant I wanted to get legit reviews for myself, and for my clients. This was challenging, because a lot of sellers starting out don't have the resources for sites like Amzreviewtrader (AKA Amztracker), sangshot, ilovetoreview, etc. A seller would literally have to spend hundreds of dollars yearly just to get some honest reviews. I decided that I wasn't going to allow these companies gouge Amazon sellers. I was going to make something as good or better and offer it for pennies on the dollar.

I took to my trusty server, and got to work. A few weeks later I had the framework for a kick ass review site that would cost a fraction of the comparable services. Since then it's been a passion of mine, and it has honestly taken away from focusing on my Amazon business. I can't help it, it's addicting to see how happy I'm making people, especially new Amazon sellers, and Amazon buyers. We have a lot of mom's on the site, and as a parent it makes me thrilled to know we're helping a lot of families get products that they might not be able to afford otherwise.

We're currently in the hole. The cost to run the servers alone is way more then we make charging sellers, but we're going to stick it out. Why? Because we want to give everyone a chance to succeed. So why this post? We need MORE sellers. We've gotten so much social media attention that we have a GLUT of buyers. As of writing this post we have over 14,000 buyers, and that number grows by about 1,000 users daily. Why do users love AmzRC? It's super simple to use for both buyers and sellers.


Why Use AmzRC?

  • Complies With Amazon's TOS, More So Than Any Other Review Site

  • One Time Use Codes To  Prevent Stock Outs And Control Your Deal

  • We're A Fraction Of The Cost Of Other High End Review Sites - With 30 Days Free There Is Zero Risk

  • Huge Buyer Membership, Small Seller Membership - More Chances To Get Your Products Seen

  • A Unique Points System To Encourage Review, But Not Force Them - More Compliant With Amazon's TOS

Why we're better then snagshout or amzreviewtrader

We need sellers, hey that's you!

Why do you care? As an Amazon seller you should be ecstatic! Because the competition for product visibility is almost nothing, you can get HUGE amounts of sales and visibility for your brand and your products... for free! We're even seeing deals for as little as 50% off getting scooped up almost immediately.

Your first 30 day's on AmzRC is 100% free! After that, it will only cost you a $1/mo. Now don't get me wrong, at some point we are going to charge a reasonable rate for a seller account (at least to break even), but for now we want a lot of sellers to get locked into an account for only $1 for the lifetime of the account.

Ok, now for the good stuff. Go open an account, and post your first deal. You will be blown away by the results! If you're not you've lost nothing to lose but the 5 minutes it took you to post your first deal.

Go to https://amzrc.com/register/ and use the code "DEALOFALIFETIME" (without the quotes), to get your free account for 30 days, then for only $1/mo.

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