Coconut Bowl, EKO-Friendly All-Time Use Large Coconut Bowl Set With Wooden Spoon Supporting Charity 1$Per Purchase HANDMADE Unique Quality – Traditional Vietnamese Art by Local Artisans – 99% Off

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🍀 JUST FOR YOU: Stop looking! Our coconut bowl set with a spoon is exactly what you’ve been looking for. With beautiful engraving makes perfect decoration with a natural feel to it as well as an amazing piece of tableware. And the food just tastes better from this bowl, we promise!
🍀 HANDMADE TRADITION: Each one of our bowls is made by hand with care and love of people from Bac Giang province in Vietnam. Their's ancestors have been making and eating from such bowls for centuries.
♻ ECOLOGICAL: Harming our environment and nature with classical consumer goods is a big problem. That’s also a reason why we’re trying to spread the message of nature-friendly goods. Our bowl is durable and it will last you. It's also biodegradable and compostable. Unlike cheap disposable plates. This a great way for you to show your care.
🍀 SUPPORT CHARITY: Per each product purchased we send extra 1$ to support local craftsmen and farmers! They're creating this beautiful cultural heritage and we want to appreciate it.
🍀 WARRANTY – Love it! or we'll exchange it, replace it or refund your money.

Getting a great decoration, lovely and practical bowl while saving the planet? What’s not to love!

There are a lot of coconut bowls out there.
Somewhere it’s even becoming a mass-produced product.
But not ours.

We source handmade high-quality coconut bowls from a small farm in the eastern of Bac Giang province in Vietnam.

Our partner Mr. Hoang is this farm’s owner. He’s been taught the coconut art from his father.
He’s 65 now but he’s still vital and happily teaching newer generations how to respect and process coconuts.

Beuse of the friendly environment on Mr. Hoang’s farm we’ve decided to donate an extra 1 $ for every purchase.

This money is going straight to the hands of modest workers on the farm to support their families.

What will you get?

100% Coconut product
Polished with its own coconut oil
Great for anything – fruits, salads, açaí, smoothies, decoration and much more
Traditional style of manufacturing
Handmade engraving


Bowl: 5,5 x 3 inches


Hand wash only with warm soapy water and never place in the dishwasher and Fridge.

Do not soak for a long period.

Never heat in the microwave or oven or use for extremely hot foods.

Please note that this is a handcrafted product, so each one is slightly different and unique.


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